lunes, 25 de noviembre de 2013

Kubelwagen in Kursk, 1943

Este vehiculo estaria situado en Rusia, concretamente en el area de Kursk, a principios del verano de 1943, durante los preparativos de la operacion Ciudadela. El Kubel pertenece a una compañia motorizada de reconocimiento de la famosa división Grossdeutschland.
Lo integraré en el próximo diorama. 

This vehicle is situated at Kursk area in Russia at the beginning of the summer of 1943 during the preparations for the operation citadel. The kubel belongs to a reconnaisance motorized company of the Großdeutschland division.
It will be integrated in the next diorama.

Espero que os guste!

I hope you like it!


jueves, 21 de noviembre de 2013

Kubelwagen WIP II

After apply a generous layer of air spray, I applied an irregular layer of dark yellow over all the external parts of the kubel. After wait some minutes I removed the yellow paint in the most exposed parts of the vehicle, mainly the three doors and mudguards. The next step was the decals apply. After wait two days, I did some effects with different tones of oils, and a general wash with a dark brown enamel paint. Finally, I painted the cloth parts and other details. 
Now, the model is ready to be dirtied with dust and dried mud:

I've to thank Javi Gaweda for his help to detail the driving mirror. It looks so real!

I've taken a black&whyte photo where you can compare the model with the picture of reference. 

   I thought about repainting the vehicle. From my point of view the result, in the whole is like the real one, but I think I have exceeded pickling the irregular layer of dark yellow (your comments are welcomed). This is because some days after the air spray aplication, I applied a small washing with acrilic. This wash  pickled more dark yellow paint than my original idea!

Anyway checking a lot of photos of vehicles in Kursk before operation Zitadelle, I've checked that it was normal to find vehicles with the painting so worn, during this stage of the WWII, so finally I decided not to repaint the vehicle. I hope to dilute a little bit this effect after the powder aplication with pigments. 

The Kubel hood looks too new. My plan is to apply pigments to get an older cloth.


martes, 5 de noviembre de 2013

Kubelwagen WIP

This is the current status of the kubelwagen which I'm doing for the next diorama.

The Kubel is situated at Kursk area in russia at the beginning of the summer of 1943. This year the new vehicles began to be painted in dark yellow from factory. The new colour was distributed to the troops in the front who repainted the old dark grey vehicles. In most cases the new colour arrived in small amounts and the result is the uneven paint layer. It was common for the german troops in the east front.

I want to represent a vehicle with an extensive sprayed pattern of dark yellow over the dark gray.

A schwimmwagen in Russia. This is the model which I've taken as reference to paint the Kubelwagen.
My idea for the next step is to apply an irregular layer of Tamiya dark yellow over all the vehicle. I'm planning to reproduce the rubbed painting in the corners (See the schwimmwagen photo) and exposed parts with the air spray method.

After a Tamiya layer of grey surface primer, I've applied a dark gray mixed with flat white base. I used for this base the Tamiya colors XF63 and XF2.
I've painted the position marks, the tactical symbol of the Reconnaissance motorized company and the Grossdeutschland divisional symbol with flat white.

I've done some small chipping in the whole vehicle, specially in the most exposed areas. I've painted more than the usual because the most part of the vehicle will be overpainted in yellow and I want to conserve this effect. Anyway, this vehicle could be a veteran kubel with a russian winter behind it. For the chipping I've used a mixture of browns and black from Vallejo model color aplied with a sponge. I've highlighted some of the chipping points with a very light gray.

I've painted the wooden slats of the floor with Citadel brown tones. 
Grossdeutschland divisional symbol painted by hand
Reconnaissance motorized company symbol painted by hand

I will post more advances soon!