sábado, 26 de febrero de 2022

Finnish stug III "Sturmi" 1960'

 In 1943, Finland bought 30 Sturmgeschütz 40G assault gun to Germany during the winter war. Some of these veterans which fight during the second world war against the invasion of the soviet union survived until our days. Some of the veterans finnish Sturmi continued in service until the 1980'. 

I wanted to represent one of those veterans, specifically the Ps531-21. This vehicle, took a hit in the superstructure in Portinhoikka on June26th 1944. It was reconverted in 1959 with a Saukopf gun and some improvements and was maintained in service until the begining of the 1960'.

The Sturmi crew use to paint the name of the girlfriends, wife or Daughters over the driver protection. There isn't evidences of names in this stug, so I write my older daugter name, Jana. I want to dedicate her this work with all my love.

I have to mention one detail. The rifles carried by the soldiers are Soviet AKMs. It is a small mistake, because the correct rifle is the AK47. Finland did not have AKMs until 1990 and these were from Germany.

I hope you like it!



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